Santiam Hospital & Clinics and Samaritan Health Services Announce Affiliation Pursuit

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I was seen in the ER on Saturday morning. I want to make sure everyone that helped me gets a note in their file or whatever it takes to make sure their bosses know they went above and beyond. I have been trying for 4 days to get the referral I need from my pcp and have been to salem ER and have gotten nowhere compared to the 4 hours I was at Santiam that I actually learned what what wrong and how to try and fix it. You guys are exactly what going to a dr or ER should be like. Even the medical record lady went above and beyond for me, while Salem makes me feel like I’m not even human. Please make sure the angels that helped actually are told that what they’re doing makes a difference and they’re appreciated. What they don’t know is I started feeling tired when I lost my husband and by the time I realized it was more than grief I was embarrassed and terrified of going to the Dr bc I didn’t have my husband for support. So it really is a huge deal how well I was treated. Sorry for rambling, it’s not easy to be concise right now. You guys are the best.