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I had the need to visit your ER on 10/3 and was seen by Joaquin Espinoza, MD. In a world where we hear so much negativity I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about my positive experience with Doctor Espinoza. His customer service was exceptional, he was caring and genuine. He listened to what I had to say and took time to explain what he was testing for and came to share the results. He also followed up that evening as he said he would.

I am current the Chief Operations Officer of a long-term care company based out of Salem, we operate in 3 states and needless to say we deal with many physicians, ERs and SNFs.

Pam Gray

Santiam Hospital you are amazing! In the few years I have been at your clinic, ER, diagnostics, lab, orthopedics, general surgery – everyone has been amazing, professional and friendly. Oh yes, the hospital front desk staff are great! They treat everyone with dignity and respect. Please let everyone know how appreciated they are.

Sue Coffin

Making the decision to drive further from Salem to Santiam Hospital is a no-brainer. Is there one Emergency Department anywhere else that would expend extra effort for their patient? … Not likely from my experience. Your entire team shows more than just an expected professionalism. They show compassion and concern with an attitude of humanitarianism that goes beyond bounds.

Jim Nixon

I was seen in the ER on Saturday morning. I want to make sure everyone that helped me gets a note in their file or whatever it takes to make sure their bosses know they went above and beyond. I have been trying for 4 days to get the referral I need from my pcp and have been to salem ER and have gotten nowhere compared to the 4 hours I was at Santiam that I actually learned what what wrong and how to try and fix it. You guys are exactly what going to a dr or ER should be like. Even the medical record lady went above and beyond for me, while Salem makes me feel like I’m not even human. Please make sure the angels that helped actually are told that what they’re doing makes a difference and they’re appreciated. What they don’t know is I started feeling tired when I lost my husband and by the time I realized it was more than grief I was embarrassed and terrified of going to the Dr bc I didn’t have my husband for support. So it really is a huge deal how well I was treated. Sorry for rambling, it’s not easy to be concise right now. You guys are the best.

Fawn Farrell

So I was there last Tuesday and I stayed or 4 days in ICU with DKA also known as Diabetic Keto Acidosis. To make it short you’re ICU staff were amazing and saved my life! They went above an beyond to care for me and make me comfortable. My names Miranda Ruiz and I wanted to thank them all for saving my life. Ill never forget that. Thank you all

Miranda Ruiz

I wanted to reach out as a family member of Albino Jose Reyes. On July 27th 2022 our family received the information that Albino was brought in by ambulance to your facility. Our world turned upside down that evening. The out come was so overwhelming for us all. But I can’t not go without saying. Your crew was Above Outstanding, Compassionate, Caring and Very Understanding to each one of us as we fell apart emotionally. Albino was loved dearly, he had just turned 21 on July 16th. Such a young man with his whole life ahead of him. He had the best hugs and always so polite and loving. Unfortunately he was hurting inside and masked it with an addiction that took his life. I can’t Thank your staff enough for all they did for Albino and us that evening. I appreciate all your hard work, compassion and kindness at such a heartbreaking time.

Susan Herrmann

Hello! I’m Patrice DeRoest. I had a colonoscopy performed on the morning of Wednesday, June 22. Everyone single person involved with my procedure from the moment I entered the door to the moment I left was exceptionally stellar! I was always treated cordially and was kept informed every step of the way. I know your staff’s days are busy, but I never felt like I was just someone in a line, to be processed. Everyone took their time to make me feel comfortable, safe, and “in the loop” on my procedure. And, I’m very appreciative that I had the results of my colonoscopy before I left the hospital!

A big thanks to all who helped me during my stay! I intend to tell friends and family how well I was treated!

Patrice DeRoest

I want to take a minute to thank Dr. Lee and his staff along with the staff at Santiam Hospital for the magnificent care I got yesterday. Absolutely top notch and friendly.

Nick Harville
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