Santiam Hospital & Clinics and Samaritan Health Services Announce Affiliation Pursuit

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Emergency Room Expansion Campaign

Please consider a donation to our Emergency Room Expansion Campaign today!

Your donation will have a life-changing impact on friends, family and neighbors who turn to Santiam Hospital Emergency Department for their emergency healthcare needs.

All donations to the Santiam Hospital & Clinics Foundation are fully tax-deductible. Together, with the community we have been able to raise nearly $5,300,000 for the expansion and close the current gap of funds needed to complete the project!

Santiam Hospital Entrance Exterior

Why are we doing this?

Santiam Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) is a Trauma Level IV facility, equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of major and minor injuries and illnesses. The ED is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The last significant expansion of the hospital’s Emergency Department was nearly three decades ago. Today Santiam Hospital’s ED sees 20,000 patient visits annually; a growing local population and the ongoing strains of Covid-19 have further increased the demand for ED services across the canyon.

Regional providers such as Salem Health, Legacy Silverton Medical Center and Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital have expanded their ED capacity in recent years and continue to grow. In order to remain competitive in the market, recruit the best medical talent, and better serve more patients, we must invest in our Emergency Department.


What is getting done?

Increase beds in the Emergency Department. In 1993, Santiam’s Emergency Department grew from two beds in one room, to seven patient rooms. With the expansion, we will add seven more private rooms, bringing the total to 14 beds in the Emergency Department.

  • Shorten wait times. We are proud that ED patients can expect an average wait time of less than 15 minutes for triage and to see a physician within 30 minutes of arrival. With the addition of five rooms, ED patient wait times will be further reduced.
  • Improve patient satisfaction. An increase in private examination spaces, equipped with modern amenities will improve the overall patient experience at Santiam Hospital’s Emergency Department.
  • Modernize support areas. A re-designed ED will improve work flows and increase the utility of existing spaces. Support areas will include clean and dirty utility rooms, a new nurses station, a redesigned waiting area and administrative station. These design improvements will emphasize efficiency and equity for high-quality service delivery.
  • Improve staff work environment. There is currently no “offstage” area for our staff to recharge between patients or to meet with colleagues. These private areas are vital to morale and staff wellbeing. The expansion will include a modern, multi-department break room where staff can enjoy meals together and build a sense of camaraderie that is essential to a well-functioning team.
  • Addition of a medical staff office. Our 18 ED physicians currently share one office space. The expansion will include a dedicated office area for medical staff who do not maintain traditional offices.
  • Improve safety and security. The improved layout and workflows will emphasize safety and security, keeping our staff and patients’ wellbeing a top priority.
Santiam Hospital Entrance Exterior
Santiam Hospital Entrance Exterior

Where are we?

Since construction has begun, we are excited to see the plans coming to life in the expanded Emergency Department at Santiam Hospital & Clinics. Crews are working on our new waiting room and check-in area, which is expected to open by the end of May. The modernized waiting area and lobby will offer better sightlines, allowing staff to see all patients; there will be new countertops and furnishings, an ADA compliant restroom and water fountain. An additional registration desk will streamline the flow of patients and a new layer of security will separate the ED from the rest of the hospital.

The construction has been broken down into 3 phases. As Phase One reaches completion, crews will transition to work on the treatment rooms, a new nurse’s station, break room, office spaces, physician sleep room and storage areas. Phase two is set to begin May 15, 2024. Phase Three will include a new café and small gift shop across from the pharmacy. The targeted opening for our new Emergency Department is Fall 2024.


Making the decision to drive further from Salem to Santiam Hospital is a no-brainer. Is there one Emergency Department anywhere else that would expend extra effort for their patient? …Not likely from my experience. Your entire team shows more than just an expected professionalism. They show compassion and concern with an attitude of humanitarianism that goes beyond bounds

Jim Nixon, Salem

Santiam ER patient

WOW Program

Did you have a remarkable patient experience at Santiam Hospital or at one of our Clinics?

If so, you might want to consider recognizing that caregiver who made your experience remarkable with a donation to the Santiam Hospital & Clinics Foundation in their name.


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